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Inspiration for your morning 30/11/13 – Don’t let fear define you

kallistrates // Beautiful Army



Fear is a natural human instinct that has helped to ensure our survival. In this sense, it serves a vital purpose. 

In terms of changing your life and realizing your dreams, however, fear paralyzes people. Fear stops people before they even start. Just the thought of change, the thought of the unknown, sparks fear. 

You cannot live in fear of the unknown or your world will never, ever evolve and prosper. In fact, it will probably become more narrow and limited with time. This is because change is the only constant. So as things on the edge of your comfort zone change and become too unfamiliar to you, you end up pulling back the radius of your comfort zone.

Life is too short and magnificent to fear the unknown. Replace your fear with curiosity. In almost every instance, you fear something simply because it is foreign to you.

But if…

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A.M. Motivation 17/11/13 – Check your Course

kallistrates // Beautiful Army


Take a minute today to check your course. Is your life heading in the direction you want it to? Are you checking off the boxes on your bucket list (do you even have a bucket list)? Are you on track to achieve your goals? Are your dreams becoming reality?

A lot of people tend to live life looking at their proverbial feet. Meaning, they aren’t paying attention to which direction they are heading in life because they are operating on autopilot – like a robot performing its programmed task. By the time you look up and take stock of where you are, you might find yourself to be far off course.

You constantly need to be assessing and adjusting your course based on you dreams and goals. Goals that are to be achieved 3 or 5 years down the road are being worked on today. Without consistent effort, you’re surely…

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