Awkwardness at its finest

You know when you’re just sitting somewhere and there’s a person standing in front of you and someone takes a picture of that person and you know that in the picture you’ll be sitting there in the background looking like an idiot? Well, that happened to me today.

I was sitting in a bench waiting for my friend and there was a group of people standing close to me. Me being me, I wasn’t paying attention to anybody I was just sitting there being awkward looking at the sky because it was going to rain. Then I turned around and a flash went off, and there was a girl of the group of people I mentioned before standing in front of me but kind of to the side posing while one of her friends took a picture of her.
Then when they saw the picture, they both turned and looked at me. I got so red that I just had to get up and leave and wait for my friend somewhere else.

It was awkward, so so awkward…. Did that ever happened to any of you?



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