“And they lived happily ever after”… Did they?

happily ever after

I never knew how much the divorce of their parents can affect the children. I’m part of the statistic of children with divorced parents, it happened when I was 16 and I felt like it didn’t affect me that much, of course I was sad but I felt fine. Now that I’m older I realized that it did affect me, I just never knew how.

When people talk to me about marriage I always say the same thing: “good for you, but I’m not getting married”, then of course they are shocked and they ask me why and that’s when I try to explain to them that I don’t need to sign a paper to show my partner that I love him and that I want to spend the rest of my life with him, and that the exact same things I can do while married I still can do them without being married.

I always thought that was just me trying to be independent and rebellious against the concept of marriage, but I started reading about the repercussions of divorce on children and I read that that’s one of the issues children can have when they grow up, the fear of marriage to avoid the possibility of divorce in the future.

If you think about it, it’s a very valid concern. It doesn’t have to do with the feelings this person have for their partner, it’s about how they felt when they watched their parents go through the divorce and how they felt when they had to start a new life away form one of their parents, they just don’t want to go through that again. And to be honest, half of all the couples getting married today will end up divorced, and some of the couples still married don’t live a happy marriage. So, why would they even try it when the odds aren’t on their favor?

We grow up thinking that marriage last forever, even when we’re kids movies keep reinforcing that idea, like Disney movies with the standard fairy tale ending phrase “and they lived happily ever after”… But did they?

I would love your opinion on this subject so feel free to leave comments about it,

Jenn x


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