In life we’re always going to find ourselves in a ‘first’ situation. Whether it’s a first day of school, first kiss, first time travelling alone or a first post on a blog, these firsts situations are always going to be full of pressure and nervous feelings. I’ve experienced all the firsts I mentioned before and a lot more, and I don’t remember one where I wasn’t scared about something.

But, why do we feel like that?… I’ve been thinking hard about this and the only explanation I have is that when we do something new there is always a risk involved, rejection.  We worry too much about what people is going to think, if they are going to like us, if they are going to like what we do or how we do it, and that sucks all the fun out of these first experiences. But once you get through those firsts you relax because usually they weren’t as bad as you thought they would be, and even if they were (a first kiss gone wrong, a pretty sucky first day of school, etc) you can learn from them. In the end, even as we grow older we’re going to keep having new ‘firsts’ , because there are always going to be things we haven’t experienced yet.

This is my first post in this blog. Kind of scary, huh? Not really… I want to have many more new experiences in life, and if that means having more ‘firsts’, then I’ll welcome them with open arms and a new mindset.

I would love it if you could comment bellow letting me know about some of your firsts and how you felt about them.

“Here’s to many more firsts and many more great memories.” – Christine FeehanWater Bound

Jenn x


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